We provide a simple, low cost process to have your documents certified. Documents include web pages, booklets, letters and disclosure information. This certification process:

  • Confirms the standard of plain language use
  • Engages three independent assessors as part of the review
  • Provides customers confidence of clear communication

The purpose of the Gold Certified Trustmark is to let your customers know you support plain language. It shows customers you support their efforts to find and use the information provided.

The process:

  • Affirms you focus on clarity in your communication
  • Provides independent review of your work
  • Challenges you to improve your products or critical information
Plain Language Certification

Language, legal, and industry executives developed the review process. The review uses:

  • 32 criteria covering everything from comprehension to industry jargon
  • Feedback from 3 independent experts
  • Percentage based scoring where Gold Certification requires 80% or higher

Some examples of the Criteria reviewed include:

  • Is the document clear about its purpose and intended audience?
  • Does it use short and straightforward sentences?
  • Is it easy to find and navigate related terms?
  • Does it use visuals like icons and charts to aid understanding?

How long does a review take?

A single document review will generally be 5-10 business days.

Larger and multiple document reviews will take longer. We will provide the timelines as soon as we confirm the review of the documents.

Plain Language Certification

We can provide tailored information sessions for your teams. These sessions will help to:

  • Increase awareness of plain language
  • Develop writing skills in your team
  • Improve your readiness for certification
Plain Language Certification
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