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Plain Language Certified offers a range of research and analysis services into audience interpretation and understanding of your documents. The insights gained from the research and analysis can be used as part of the document drafting process or to support a dispute resolution process.

The most useful way to check how well your audience understand your communications is to ask them. Having direct audience feedback provided to the document owners throughout the drafting process can significantly improve the quality of the end document. Plain Language Certified reviews analysis from a range of internal and external data sources that will support the document owner from initial information design concepts through to final document drafts.

Plain Language Contracts Document Drafting

Often a customer complaint or dispute will revolve around how a particular term was interpreted differently between the document owner and the target audience member. Plain Language Certified provides targeted research that provide quantitative data to support how a particular key term is interpreted and understood by the target audience – sometimes referred to as the ‘Virtual pub test’. The research is designed for a quick turn around and uses a question and answer approach to check a target audience understanding of the disputed element in a document.

Plain Language Contracts Dispute Resolution

The research and analysis service gathers information from a range of sources including;

Internal sources

  • General enquiries
  • Complaints and disputes
  • Front line Customer Service representatives

External Sources

  • Social media questions and comments
  • Target audience research

Plain Language Contracts data Sources

Each research and analysis engagement is individually priced based on the scope and time required, with discounts provided to member organisations.

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